Slab Leak Repair Little Elm TX

Little Elm Slab Leak Repair

Slab Leak- If you suspect a water leak in the slab foundation of your home or business, then you should act quickly, in orderto locate the leak before extensive damage is done.  An undetected or untreated slab leak can be disastrous for any foundation.  A leak can create major problems for the surrounding building materials and can lead toinstability of your slab.

Go Pro Plumbing has a proven system that is used to detect slab leaks.  We use ultrasonic technology that highlights any leaks within your foundation. Once aslab leak is detected, then our crews can repair, or replace, any plumbing parts that need correction.

Leak detection- Detecting a leak is an important step to correction of any leaks.  Go Pro Plumbing technicians are highly-skilled at using our slab leak detectionequipment.  We use advanced equipment that involves ultrasound technology paired with infrared detection that will pinpointthe origination of the leak(s).  By usingthis highly-sensitive equipment, we save our customers time and money by locating leaks quickly and thus allowing the leak repair services to beginearlier than most.  

Our detection equipment will also locate leaks that may not have even been suspected before now, giving our customers the opportunity to repair leaks before they have a chance to cause significant damage.

Water leak- A water leak that is happening anywhere in your home or commercial property can become a disastrous mess if itisn’t located and repaired promptly and efficiently.  Water leaks can occur from a variety of places within a building; from a water line inside your walls to a hose or sprinkler hook-up that is outside. Go Pro Plumbing professionals have seen just about every type of water leak thatis imaginable, and our goal is to provide our customers with expert service when dealing with your own particular leak(s).

Water line repair- A properly functioning plumbing system depends on clear water lines that are free of debris, or other malfunctions, and are installed, and maintained, correctly.  Every so often, something happens that interferes with the proper function of water lines, and this is where Go Pro Plumbing professionals can help.  Waterline repair is one of our specialties, as we have years of experience withlocating, diagnosing, and repairing residential and commercial water lines.


"I recently had Go Pro Plumbing come out and replace the sewer lines on our rental property . The main plumber Charlie did a fantastic job. The house was a disaster to begin with, but he kept things so clean in the yard. He was patient with all my questions throughout the process and would take the time to actually show me what was going on. When the inspector came out, he told me this is one of the guys I’d recommend so hearing that really made me trust Go Pro even more. I highly recommend them to anyone."

Heather B. from Little Elm, TX
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