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How To Hire The Best Plumber

You know the faucet has been leaking for a while, but you ignore it. ‘It’s only drops after all,’ you say. Well, the day those drops turn into a mighty ocean, finding the right plumber might not be the easiest task for you to embark on. 

In certain seasons, plumbers’ schedules are tight. However, fighting the difficult battle through busy schedules is not the only daunting aspect of hiring a plumber. It is easy to worsen a minor problem with a bad repair, so it is important to find qualified plumbers with proven skills. 

The screening process employs a number of parameters to hire competent plumbers who are most suited to your needs, but you can choose to use the parameters that define the conditions most important to you. 

5 Tips on Screening Plumbers 

1. Find out if they are licensed

The prerequisites for becoming a licensed plumber are different from state to state, but it is expected that every journeyman plumber or master plumber would have a license. It is easy to check for the license yourself if you have the name or license number of the plumber. You can do this by searching through your state’s licensing board. A professional plumber would readily provide you with the necessary information to facilitate your search.

2. Check reviews

What better way to decide on a plumber than finding out what previous clients think of their services? Good reviews show that the plumber under consideration has experience, a history of credibility, and great customer service. Online reviews would most likely be found on websites that provide a platform for customer feedback, and can be accessed by searching for the plumber’s name. 

A search through Angie’s List or Better Business Bureau should provide the information you are looking for. Sadly, online reviews can be a little inaccurate sometimes, so you should be prepared to ask for direct references. You can also check public records for legal concerns like pending litigation, mechanics liens, and other disputes.

3. Ask for references 

For service providers, asking for referrals from satisfied customers is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to build a trusting and satisfied clientele. As a part of your screening process, you can ask the plumber to provide references that can attest to their credibility and skill. A good plumber should be happy to provide references you can call to ask about their performance. 

4. Consider cost estimates

After assessing the job, the plumber should provide a written estimate of what it’ll cost. It is advisable that this information be provided before hiring the plumber because estimates are given to prevent disagreements and confusion over the cost of services after a job has been completed. 

Sometimes, flat rates may be charged for uncomplicated jobs, but it is still required that the plumber assess the job to decide whether to charge a flat rate. Be detailed in your inquiries, find out if there are any extra costs not listed in the estimate, and explore instances that may cause the charge to exceed the estimate. 

5. Find out if they have insurance

Occasionally, in the course of a repair, accidents in work spaces and residences occur. Insurance prepares against all kinds of loss and damage by assuring the holder of compensation in specific cases. It is a good idea to make sure your plumber is insured before hiring so that if any damage occurs, you and the plumber’s insurance can cover the incurred costs. 

Communication is necessary to keep both parties satisfied. It will be a good idea to find out how and when your plumber prefers to be paid. Also, communicate your expectations clearly to make little room for dissatisfaction. The screening process is very advantageous because competent plumbers would provide necessary information to show that they tick all the boxes, and then you can make a choice.

About the Author:

Chris Woodard is the Co-Founder of Handle.com, where they build software that helps contractors, subcontractors, and material suppliers with late payments. Handle.com also provides funding for construction businesses in the form of invoice factoring, material supply trade credit, and mechanics lien purchasing.

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