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When you’re dealing with a plumbing issue, you want to get it solved right away. Failing to quickly locate a leak or fix your gas line can result in an expensive disaster for your home. We understand what it’s like to deal with the mess and the inconvenience of plumbing problems.

If you’re looking for the fix to your plumbing problems, Go Pro Plumbing has the expertise to help you. With over 20 years of experience in plumbing repairs, gas leaks, sewers & drains, slab leak repair, water leak little elm and more — we’ve seen and solved your exact plumbing problem. More than anything else — we give you the peace of mind knowing your home’s plumbing is running properly. When you hire Go Pro Plumbing, you’ll be able to sit back, relax, and enjoy a home that works. We are the highest rated plumber in Little Elm TX.

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Our Services

Go Pro Plumbing makes the process of diagnosing and repairing your plumbing issue convenient. When you make an appointment with us, you don’t have to worry about timing.We’ll work around your schedule, with no extra charge for weekends or evenings.

Take a look at the list of our services — and scroll further to see our plumbing specialties!

  • Clogged Drains
  • Pipe Repair & Replacement
  • Sewer Inspection
  • Slab Leak Detection
  • Slab Leak Repair
  • Water Line Repair
  • Gas Lines
  • Water Leak Detection, Location & Repair
  • Undermount Sink Installation
GoPro Plumbing is a top-rated business on HomeAdvisorGoPro Plumbing is a BBB accredited plumbing businessGoPro Plumbing is a veteran owned businessGoPro Plumbing is an elite service provider on HomeAdvisorGoPro Plumbing is an elite service provider on HomeAdvisor

"Received an awesome last minute plumbing service from Charlie. He took his time to go through & make sure the job was done correct. Because of his attention to detail he found another small issue I was unaware of thus, saving me a 2nd trip. He took his time & explained everything he was doing & why. So grateful to have them in the neighborhood & highly recommend them"

Monique Y. from Little Elm, TX
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gas leaks

Gas Leak Plano TX

Dealing with a gas line problem? If there is one area of your home you shouldn’t mess with, it is the gas line. Whether your home runs on natural gas or propane, it only takes a small mistake to cause an explosion or fire that could jeopardize your home and everyone inside. Find a professional service provider with extensive gas line experience, so you can rest easy knowing an expert is on the job.

If you notice a strong odor that resembles rotten eggs, then the gas line may be punctured or damaged. You may also hear a hissing noise as the gas is escaping from the line, but that isn’t always the case. If you smell rotten eggs, it is important to take action quickly to prevent any serious problems and to keep everyone safe.

Dangers Of DIY Gas Leak Repair

Trying to repair your own gas line is like taking your life, and the lives of those around you, into your own hands. As with any plumbing issue or home improvement method, things aren’t always as they seem and there is a lot more to it than meets the eye. Only with a gas line, the stakes are higher because of the fire and explosion risk. Regardless of how well-versed you are in DIY matters — never try to handle a gas line repair or installation on your own.

We are the Gas Leak in Plano Experts!

If you are in a position that you notice the signs of a gas line leak, the most important thing to do is to get out of the house as soon as possible. Gather your family and move them out, then call 911 to alert the gas company what has happened. Next, call your local plumbing expert so they can come, inspect the line, and see if repair or replacement is necessary.


"Great customer service! Superior skills and workmanship. Quality materials. If you're in need of a good plumber this is the company you need to use. If you like a company that shows up on time and gets the job done right then this is the company to use."

Larry S. from Little Elm, TX
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sewer and drain repairs

Sewers Repair Little Elm TX

Sewer lines are the system of large pipes that specifically carry wastewater and sewage from homes and commercial properties to disposal areas and treatment plants. These systems remain safely underground until these warning signs demand sewer repair in Little Elm:

  • Extreme odor is coming from the yard or basement due to sewage that is not able to travel to the main sewer lines
  • Sewage is found backing up in your bathtub or toilet
  • Flooding in areas around sewage lines from leaking pipe joints
  • Drains in bathroom sinks and bathtub drain slowly or not at all

Typical Damage Found in Sewer Line Repairs

  • Corrosion caused by aging pipes crack causing their disintegration
  • The ground around and underneath a building’s foundation shifts over time causing damage to pipes
  • Freezing temperatures cause blockages in the sewer lines causing them to burst
  • Spreading tree roots grow into crevices in pipes causing cracks in the pipelines
  • Build-up of debris, food particles, grease and hair will create clogs — adding extra pressure on sewer lines causing damage
  • Inadequately designed installation of sewer lines can cause havoc
  • Problems with the city sewer system can cause all systems to back up

"This company is top notch! The plumbers were absolutely fantastic and they were so professional and polite! They took the time to replace our bathroom leak and I couldn't believe how reasonably priced they were! I definitely will recommend them to anyone who needs plumbing work!"

Sarah G. from Little Elm, TX
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slab leak repair

Slab Leak Repair in Plano TX

Slab water leak detection uses advanced leak locating equipment to detect and diagnose hidden leaks below the foundation of your home or commercial building. Undetected slab leaks can cause more than simple water damage. A leak can progress from simple water flow to foundation erosion quickly. Prevent structural damage due to slab instability by finding and fixing slab leaks quickly, with the use of advanced leak detection technology.

Uses of Slab Detection

  • Leaks that connect your building pipes to city water supplies
  • Leaks on sewer lines and septic tanks
  • Leaks from hose and landscaping hook-ups
  • Line locations of utilities like electric and gas
  • Leaks inspections for insurance and home purchase
  • Hidden leaks under concrete slabs and driveways

How Does Slab Leak Detection Work?

Slab leak detection is used to check ground lines with ultrasonic technology in conjunction with infrared detecting equipment. When needed, tracer gas is injected into piping areas identified as a potential risk and then analyzed by a computer. Often this process will detect additional leaks than those initially suspected, allowing you to fix the problem early and minimize potential property damage.

Slab leaks are a risk in any foundation, especially with the dry Texas soil shifting adding to any pre-existing issues. Since these leaks often cannot be detected until extensive damage is already done, it’s important to call in professionals as soon as a leak is suspected to proceed with immediate repair.


"Due to the great ratings on Yelp, we chose Go Pro Plumbing to install a new shower. It was a lot of work which included a huge hole in the wall. The work was fast, excellent, honest and affordable. We put Go Pro Plumbing on top of our "go to plumbing" list."

Bitfit S. from Dallas, TX
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slab leak repair

Undermount Sink Installation

Undermount sinks are a great addition to a sleek and modern kitchen. At the same time, they make cleanup more effective by wiping food and debris directly into the sink. Although there are several methods used to install undermount sinks, our experts safely glue the sink in place with a special silicone sealant and two-part epoxy. This eliminates the need to drill holes in the countertop for support studs and thereby weakening the stone to crack or break.

Why Go Pro is the Best Option for a Little Elm Plumber

We're a local, veteran family-owned company. We get to know you and your home so we can provide you with a service that fits your home. We promise to leave your home as clean as we found it. Our plumbers come prepared — not only to do the work, but to make sure they leave a job well done. This means clean tools, brand new fixtures, professional uniforms, shoe-covers, carpets to cover floors, counter covers, and proper clean-up of any materials after work is complete. Whether you hire us for leak detection, sewer repair, gas leaks, water line repair in Little Elm, or a simple Little Elm plumbing job, we provide you with the best services possible. It’s our dedication to providing top notch customer service and quality work that has made us one of the most recommended Little Elm plumbing businesses.

Don’t take it from us — read what your neighbors in Little Elm are saying about our services! Or, if you’re looking for help with your plumbing, click on one of the buttons below to book your service online or speak with an expert:

Our Triple Guarantee

  • #1 GPP Guarantee - Upfront Pricing: A written price that will not change once given unless the scope of work changes
  • #2 GPP Guarantee - Standards: We use only the best materials in the industry to ensure the highest quality of work and service
  • #3 GPP Guarantee: Integrity: Since being in business, we've earned #1 Favorite Plumber on Next Door, A Rating and member of the BBB, 5-star reviews on Google and Home Advisor. Read more of our reviews on our verified reviews page

We want to make your experience hiring a plumber as seamless and risk-free as possible. With Go Pro Plumbing, you get no surprises. Just high quality plumbing that works right the first time around.